A Message from Rick Reynolds

TurfHound Tee Surfaces empower golfers to experience the same swing mechanics, ball response and shot results hitting from synthetic turf as they would from natural turf. Developed and manufactured by TurfHound Inc., TurfHound products have rapidly become recognized as the most realistic, versatile and durable surfaces in golf.
Launched in January of 2007, TurfHound helps golfers play more often, improve faster, become more consistent and gain a realistic understanding of optimal ball trajectories and spin rates. At the same time TurfHound enables golf facilities to reduce maintenance costs, improve customer and member satisfaction and deploy the highest-quality turf under any conditions and in the most accommodating ways.
We’re pleased that so many golf pros, course superintendents and avid golfers share our enthusiasm for TurfHound. As a distinguished Superintendant at one of the World’s top-ten courses recently said, “No other solution simulates my fairways better than TurfHound.”  Many “Top 100” and other upscale courses and ranges throughout the World are among TurfHound’s most loyal customers – and the list is growing fast!
All TurfHound products are patent-protected, manufactured in the USA, and distributed from our facilities in Southern Alabama and Southeast Pennsylvania.


TurfHound benefits golfers and golf facilities
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