Newsletter - April, 2020

April, 2020 - Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, TurfHound has been unable to perform installations
 at this time due to the mandated governmental regulations. Once we are allowed to safely travel
 and the ban on non-essential services has been lifted, we will install those clubs, under a revised
 install schedule to be determined and ask for your patience at this critical time in North America.

From the team at TurfHound, we send our well wishes to everyone, and hope that everyone is
staying safe!

If you are thinking about renovating or changing your range, ask us for a TurfHound quote

Click Below to see some of our best installations. 

New Installation at Maketawah CC,
 in OH TL059-9.6
Maketewah recently installed the pavers
behind their tee line. They also added extra depth to the existing concrete pad, which
allows room for the bag stands, ball trays
and enough room to walk behind safely. We are very happy with the finished result.
Sandy Run CC, in PA TL059-8.3
 Irons Only Range
Sandy Run was a beautiful course to visit.
The weather was great and we successfully installed their new "Irons Only" driving range! We love the look of the pavers in the back
and this gives the golfers plenty of room to move around behind the tee line.
New Installation at Stone Harbor Golf Club, NJ TL080-10
Stone Harbor is an incredible facility, as you can see the property is still under construction. They are currently re-doing cart parking as well as redesigning holes and bunkers. They will completely sod around the range and of course the range itself and in the future they will be installing pavers behind the tee line. We look forward to seeing the finished result!
TurfHound partner of the month

TurfHound is pleased to present the PGA of New England Section as Partner of the month
TurfHound is a proud partner of the North Florida
PGA section. We value all of our New England partners/customers, and thank them for their
continued support of TurfHound.

Pictured on the left is Fairview CC in Connecticut.
This is our PS059 Individual Tee Station
TurfHound Tip of the month

Rotating Your Panels at The Start of The Golf Season

Fairway rotation:If not many left handlers take those and replace with right handers or turn within the
station itself.

You can do the same with rough EXCEPT turn the fairway first then go back and do the rough so the
stations stay square to the center of the range or target.

Lastly members have to treat their station area which includes rough like a dozen divot. They should
NOT  hit from the same spot over and over. Move around in a rectangle formation: up, right, back, left.